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felt the sun Welcome to our blog ‘Felt The Sun’ and many thanks for taking the time to visit our blog and read some of the posts we’ve published.

The ‘Felt The Sun’ website is mainly a general health blog, on all the things that you generally incorporate into your diet and your day-to-day activities when the sun comes out, hence the reason for the name ‘Felt The Sun’, you feel the sun on your back and you instantly feel that you want to be healthy and fit.

We hope you find our blog interesting and helpful, along with being able to incorporate some of our suggestions and tips into your daily life.

We hope it resonates with you in the same way as we feel it resonates with us.

If you have any suggestions or comments, or just want to say Hi, you can send us a message by clicking here, or alternatively you can leave a comment on any of the blog posts.

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